Dr. Susan Lim is a Highly Qualified Surgeon

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Dr. Susan Lim is a highly qualified surgeon based in Singapore. She was the first person to ever perform a liver transplant with success in Asia. Dr. Lim was able to accomplish that impressive feat in 1990. Dr. Susan Lim is actually from Singapore. She was born in Singapore and attended the Singapore Chinese Girls’ School and later The Raffles Institution. Dr. Susan Lim was a recipient of a scholarship under the Colombo Plan in 1974. She used this scholarship to study medicine at Monash University in Australia.

Dr. Susan Lim was the founder of a biotechnology company in 2003 that she named Stem Cell Technologies. Just a year later, in 2004, she had joined Trinity College at the University of Melbourne in Australia as a Fellow.

Dr. Susan Lim and her husband, as well as a friend of theirs, established a charity aimed at aiding underprivileged children from the South-Pacific Asian region. The charity was named the Indiapore Trust and it has contributed to improving education in the region in small ways. For example, the Raffles Junior College received a free science lab from the Indiapore Trust to help advance science education at the institution. The Indiapore Trust has, additionally, provided a lot of scholarships to children in both India and Singapore.