Dr. Susan Lim is a native of Singapore

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Dr. Susan Lim is a native of Singapore—she was born, raised, and mostly educated on this island nation in Southeast Asia. Singapore is a small nation composed of over sixty different islands, but it is nevertheless an important nation, serving as a financial and medical center for Asia. Dr. Susan Lim’s education began by attending the Singapore Chinese Girls’ School. After that she was able to attend, and graduate from, the Raffles Institution. In 1974 she received the opportunity to get a scholarship under the Colombo Plan. This was a regional plan for economic and social development in the Asian-Pacific region. The scholarship that was given to Dr. Susan Lim allowed her to attend school at Monash University, based out of Melbourne, Victoria, in Australia. It is the second oldest university in the state and plays host to one of the largest student bodies anywhere in Australia. Monash University is also home to a number of advanced research centers—including centers that operate in the medical field.

In 1990, Dr. Susan Lim became the first person to ever successfully complete a liver transplant on the continent of Asia. Dr. Susan Lim in 2003 founded Stem Cell Technologies. In 2004, Dr. Susan Lim was invited to become a Fellow at Trinity College at the University of Melbourne. She was both the youngest ever Fellow and the first Singaporean Fellow at Trinity College.